EcoFeminist Entrepreneur!

Gender Equality through Ethical Capitalism

An EcoFeminist Entrepreneur is a woman (or man!), who creates a sustainable business supporting gender equality. A 'feminist enterprise' should sell a product or service that supports at least one Pillar of Female Empowerment.

Using business as a tool for female equality is contrary to teachings of 'traditional' feminism. To the detriment of women in general, traditional feminists have often associated patriarchy with capitalism. They tend to look towards charity and government based policies for solutions to the issues around gender equality. They base their movement on 'victim politics'

We would argue that feminism can use capitalism as a tool for achieving female equality as well as to provide meaningful jobs. Our Feminist Enterprise Blog lists examples of feminist entrepreneur projects.

With females being half the population, they are literally the single largest persecuted 'minority' on the planet!

Since the beginning of recorded history, men have been waging an unnofficial war against women. To those who may doubt this as hyperbole, simply look at the body count. Every year millions of women are killed or raped across the globe. The equivalent simply does not happen to men. There are no 'Battered Men's Shelter's' anywhere in the world. Men don't fear women. But women have learned to fear men.

Female persecution transcends race, creed, and culture. And men do the same to Mother Earth. They drill, mine, deforest and hunt to extinction all other life on the planet.

If there ever were a historical trial held for all the wars, genocides, drilling, mining, clearcutting, torture, rape and the many other abominations in human nature, the docket would be composed almost exclusively of men.

By that fact alone, men have abrogated their responsibility as stewards of the planet. Women are literally not guilty of most of the major crimes in this planet's history.

It is simply logical that as half the population of the world, females should have half the power. Half the police, half the military, half the CEO's half the judiciary. Half of everything.

The founder of this site is a man who thoroughly enjoys his male privilege. In fact, he became a male feminist because he has enjoyed a full and wonderful life with female friends and lovers! So, calling for women to have an equal share in the stewardship of the world is not anti-male. On the contrary, women's rights are human rights and human rights benefit men too!

Every country on the planet where women have more power such as the Scandinavian countries (or Portland!), society is more eco-friendly, less violent, less criminality, better sex, less overpopulation, less spent on the military, fewer people in jail. The most aggressive countries are those such as in Africa and the Middle East where masculinity rules unchecked!

Men have run the world for at least 5000 years and with wars, overpopulation, pollution and mass extinction they have thoroughly destroyed it. Women have been cleaning up the messes of men since the time they were born. It's time they claim their fair share of power and clean up the entire planet!

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