EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur projects managed by Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community:

Each site is grouped under the Pillars of Female Empowerment they are supposed to address.

a) Reproductive Empowerment:

We started working in the field of reproductive rights since 2002. They are ideal for Pro-Choice volunteers or interns with a strong interest in reproductive rights for women. If you choose to spend part of your volunteer hours in this area you will be doing research on the following websites:

Natural Miscarriage: Reproductive Rights for Women around the - Feminist pro-choice website that helps women make informed decisions with regards to reproduction and family planning. Since it began in 2002, over one million women around the world have visited this site for information on making their own reproductive choices.

EcoSensual: Sexy Natural Birth Control for - Natural Sexy Birth Control Methods for Couples and Single Women. Sensual, natural birth control ebook and online instructional guide for couples who wish to enjoy safe, effective and romantic natural family planning.


 b) Sexual Empowerment:

Volunteers who choose to work in this specialty have knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for doing computer-based research writing and are comfortable working intellectually on sex-positive subjects in the following site:

EcoSexual Entrepreneur - Ethical Erotic Business SolutionsEcoSexual Entrepreneur: Evolving and politically incorrect book projects on sensual enterprise business ideas and projects that work with sexuality in the modern world. Ebooks include the EcoSexual Entrepreneur and Sexually Incorrect.


c) Female Physical & Environmental Empowerment

Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist CommunityHedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community. Through our Jungle Queen Program, we encourage and teach women who visit our community to be physically empowered and comfortable in the natural wild beauty of the Hawaiian rain forest.