Ecofeminism makes the connection between feminism and environmentalism. It equates the treatment of women on the planet with the treatment of Mother Earth. The unequal status of women has a cost to the entire world. Overpopulation, war, and environmental degradation, studies have shown, are largely male induced and supported activities.

Jungle Queen at Hedonisia Hawaii!
EcoFeminism: Hedonisia Hawaii Jungle Queen!

In countries where women have more power, men are less violent. Germany and Denmark, where women enjoy more equality, the men are less aggressive; even though Denmark was once macho Viking and Germany were once macho Nazi!

In places where women have very little power like in Africa and the Middle East, men are more violent.

When a woman has a job, education, and equality, the most she wants to have is 0-2 children. No matter what country she is from. In other words, feminism will solve the population problem which is good for the environment!

Equality does not mean sameness. Women are also less aggressive and violent than men. This is why we need women in power: female soldiers, police, billionaires, judges, and so on. Macho posturing on the world stage between egotistical, prideful men of power, is often the cause of war.